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Jonathan Izenbart and his team of Mortgage professionals will put their 20-plus years of experience in the mortgage industry to work for you in securing your conventional home from start to finish.

Conventional loans are for buyers with good credit, good savings, and the ability to put more than a 3.0 % down payment for first time home buyers. Credit minimum is 620 and the loan limit is as follows below. There are also first time home buyer programs under the Conventional umbrella which reduce the costs associated. 

Conventional loan limits for 2022

               Low-Cost Area    Medium-Cost Area    High-Cost Area

1 Unit        $647,200            $647,201-$970,799        $970,800

2 Units      $828,700          $828,701-$1,243,049     $1,243,050

3 Units    $1,001,650       $1,001,651-$1,502,474    $1,502,475

4 Units    $1,244,850       $1,244,851-$1,867,274    $1,867,275

Got Mortgage Process Questions?

Jonathan Izenbart Mortgage and Home Loans, Novus Home Mortgage

Jonathan Izenbart and his team of mortgage professionals is ready to help you in every area of securing a mortgage loan for your new home. Contact us today!

Novus Home Mortgage Grand Rapids, MI
Novus Home Mortgage, Grand Rapids, MI

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